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The PmB System

General information:

The waterproofing membrane of PmB installed quickly and easily to one or several layers. The two materials are mixed in the membrane launcher and applied to the substrate using compressed air. The sealing system offers complete freedom of movement and is ideal for quick and efficient spraying ceilings, vertical surfaces and difficult to access points such as behind the pipes and elbows.

The waterproofing membrane of PmB provide immediate protection and solidifies in seconds, without allowing the formation of holes and grooves, and can accept human loads in minutes, loads worksite vehicles in two hours and accept asphalt just four hours after application of !

The membrane PmB resistant chemicals, plant roots and microbes while breathing.

 Here is the video

System description:
The application process of the waterproofing system PmB is as follows:

Primer PmB: The one component polyurethane based primer of PmB gives excellent adhesion between the film and the substrate. The primer is applied by roller, brush or spray and is ideal for use in concrete, metal and all masonry materials.

Waterproofing membrane:
The membrane PmB (Baytec) is a high performance elastomeric polyurethane spray two components, direct, with a minimum final thickness of 2mm and a nominal thickness of 3mm.

If ceiling insulation of building and roof:
Over the partitioning of the membrane PmB, placed the insulation on the cover ups and the finished floor.



In the case of insulating roofs and planted green roof:
After sealing the membrane PmB, placed the insulation on the cover ups, the drainage layer and then the planting mix.


If waterproofing bridges and parking spaces:
Pitchmastic Tack Coat - PM2/03: One component adhesive coating material, asphalt base, which provides adhesion to the asphalt mat. 



Alternatively, instead of asphalt carpet dusting sleeping place for light and thin coatings:
After the waterproofing membrane PmB place with the two-component Polyurethane coating which 3chil dusting with inert material provides good adhesion and replacing a texture and appearance of the asphalt coating.
Domikon offers integrated solutions ensuring the insulation of your building - GUARANTEED.

Product Properties

• Resistance to Abrasion
• Crack Bridging
• Rapid Installation
• Service Life
• Weather Resistance
• Adhesion
• Resistance to Chemicals
• Water Tightness



Domikon offers integrated solutions ensuring the insulation of your building - GUARANTEED.

To watch video of the film, download files autocad detailing and waterproofing projects sealed with the membrane PmB you can visit the Pitchmastic PmB. Click 
Here ( PmB).




Domikon in cooperation with Pitchmastic PmB Ltd, a company pioneering in structural waterproofing, offer the most complete range of products and services in structure protection against water penetration and chemical degradation.

  The PmB membrane is made of elastomeric produced by Bayer and is spray applied, hence offering a seamless ,effective and durable protection for more exceeding 30 years, whilst being certified by the British Board of Agrement and meeting many other national standards eg German, USA, UK and may more. The membrane gells instantly within a few seconds of spraying, it can be walked over within a few minutes and site vehicles can drive over it after 2 hours.


  The PmB membrane is the first integrated waterproofing system are marked C.E.

 DOMIKON offers complete solutions whilst safeguarding the protection of your structures, guaranteed!


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