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The membrane PmB, consisting of elastomer of BAYER applied by spraying, providing effective and durable protection. Place since 1967, and has certification from the British Board of Agrément. The membrane can accept human loads in minutes, loads of vehicles in two hours and asphalt mat in four hours.
The waterproofing system is 100% liquid elastane BAYER of two components, applied by spraying with a minimum final thickness of 2 mm waterproofing system is the rapid freezing (2-5 seconds), so the capacity for horizontal and vertical.

The mounted membrane checked for adhesion and waterproofing an hour from the application. The verification is done using 11,000 volt power controller on the DC membrane. The insulating film of pm? Maintain physical properties from -42 º C up to 110 º C and is ideal for use in all environmental conditions.

The membrane PmB containing no fillers (filler), solvents, acidity, volatile substances (VOC) and extremely high performance. After the application has excellent adhesion to all common substrates, unique ability to fill cracks, joints and has matiseis life and has more than 30 years.
The membrane is resistant to water, plant roots, the influx of chlorides, abrasion, erosion from the erosion, the walkway, the admission of hot or cold inert materials and any impact from the placement of asphalt and is breathable. The capacity to "breathe" to prevent mold growth inside the space insulated.
The damp-proofing of PmB has high adhesion to smooth concrete, the metal surface and all the usual substrates. Feature is that the test results of adhesion in the concrete exceed the cohesion strength of concrete.
The waterproofing membrane of PmB assigned to construction worldwide, with total area of more than 6 million square meters. It is worth noting that the model was used to insulate the roof of the Athens Concert Hall (New Building Athens Concert Hall).
DOMIKON offers integrated solutions ensuring the insulation of your building - GUARANTEED.

If you want to visit Pitchmastic PmB's web site please click here and then to PmB's link.

BBA Road & Bridge Certificate
 BBA Tanking certificate
PmB waterproofing brochure








Domikon in cooperation with Pitchmastic PmB Ltd, a company pioneering in structural waterproofing, offer the most complete range of products and services in structure protection against water penetration and chemical degradation.

  The PmB membrane is made of elastomeric produced by Bayer and is spray applied, hence offering a seamless ,effective and durable protection for more exceeding 30 years, whilst being certified by the British Board of Agrement and meeting many other national standards eg German, USA, UK and may more. The membrane gells instantly within a few seconds of spraying, it can be walked over within a few minutes and site vehicles can drive over it after 2 hours.


  The PmB membrane is the first integrated waterproofing system are marked C.E.

 DOMIKON offers complete solutions whilst safeguarding the protection of your structures, guaranteed!


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